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Comparing to “DP”, gw lebih suka “Jupe” meski gw ga bilang ada yg lebih baik dari salah satu diantara mereka. Hahaha.. menurut gue, jupe lebih “apa adanya”. Mu seksi ya seksi sekalian. Jelek ya jelek sekalian n ga nutup2in sifat aslinya dia. Wkwkwk.. just another #junkthought LOL – Read on Path.

At Cimory Riverside

At Cimory Riverside – See on Path.

At Taman Bunga Nusantara

At Taman Bunga Nusantara with Ratih – See on Path.

At Green Hill Resort

At Green Hill Resort – See on Path.

At Rumah Sakit Simpangan Depok

At Rumah Sakit Simpangan Depok – See on Path.

Always love mary -mother of jesus- (chapter 19th in the quran). This easter day reminds me of the story of jesus ‘s mother which was revealed in the quran.

Always love this chapter. More. Most. And will always do.

Maryam, the only one woman whose name be the name of surah in the quran.
The woman who exalted in the heaven. One of four women who lead entire women from Adam’s age to the end of the world…m

suka banget semua video klip Taylor Swift. cakep banget jadi apaan ajah hihihi.. pa lagi yg ini fairy tale abiisss hihihi

Plis stooop bisa nggak siih?? Mwuahahahaha with Nindi – View on Path.

Hari ni adek gue udah 23taun dan gue masih gini2 aja?? Helloooww wkwkwk. Happy birthday Gokas yang celalu cabal ngadepin tatanya hahaha with Aninda and omRofi – View on Path.

After I realized there is a God, it was impossible for me not to live for him alone. - Blessed Charles de Foucauld (via littlethingsaboutgod)

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